I've added an extra sensor to my flukso, to monitor my water usage. The watermeter (a Sensus 620) has no digital connections, and has no built-in magnet for a reed-relais. But it has a turning red/metal wheel inside, that is detectable with an optical sensor. Such a sensor is for sale for  € 90,-, but that's too much for me, some browsing on the internet gave me this:

After I have started the logging of my energy use with my flukso, I have some more things I want to build. One of those is that I want to make a difference between the High and Low tariff I pay for my electricity. I get my electricity from Liander, and they have some rules to decide wether it's High tariff or Low tariff:

It's always High tariff, except:
- from 23:00 to 07:00
- Saturday and Sunday
- Some hollidays, including Easter, Christmas, Pentecost and of course Kingsday.

To do this in the database, I made a php script:

I've bought a flukso v2b, a device meant to monitor the usage of electricity and gas. I simply hooked it up to the P1-port of the Smart Meter, and it worked. It came with the right cable, it just had to be connected in reverse. I love the device, the graphs I can see on the website (http://www.flukso.net) are fine, but of course I had to tinker. I aimed for a way to see the current power-usage, the consumption per day and per month. The website offers almost just that, but there's no way to see your month's usage. And I love to tinker, so here we go !