I've started measuring temperatures in and around the house. Just for fun, I might use this in the future for some home automation. I've used most of this page, and of course I changed some things.

I bought a bundle of 10 waterproof DS18B20 sensors with a 3 meter lead on them. I planned a lineair topology, but half way through decided to test the stubbed topology first. It works flawlessly, so I see no reason to change it. The total network contains 8 sensors, two of them on one 10 meter cable, one on a 15 meter cable. I still have enough 100 Ohm resistors lying around if problems might pop up. The total length is well within specs.

I've just cought a burglar in our home. I was just in time to take a picture.

Our security guard Guus

has taken his own counter meassures against the burglar, whom after this incident hasn't been seen again.