I explained it before (in Dutch) here, but with the new hardware, I took it a little further: All links to all of the comics (Dilbert, DirkJan, FifthWave, Fokke en Sukke en Userfriendly) have been rewritten to html-links. (Fokke en Sukke and DirkJan are Dutch comics)

I already noticed the first users, now it's just wait and see how this develops. Especialy the hits on Dilbert comics begins to grow, if this really hits the roof I might have to throttle this. For now, I'm the biggest user myself.

Old article:
The principle is taken from Google Tap. I've replaced all ampersands (&) in the replacement-strings by &(amp;)? this catches both ways to spell the ampersand.

A simple explanation is found here. The text is made for PostNuke, but the principle remains the same.