It's not quite finished yet, but the new version of the module ADSLLog (v 1.4) is equipped with functions that generate a 3D graphic picture instead of the html-output. See the module ADSLLog, and especially the little links that are in between the output, those little .
Here is a small example, click the picture to see the up-to-date real graph.

The graphics are generated with a lot of PHP functions. The complete library named 3dlib is available here. The data that is represented is the same as the data that is shown in the regular html-pages.
It's not all to my liking, I'm still thinking of a way to elegantly put the links to the graphics in between the normal output. On top of that, my GoogleTap construction is somewhat confused since I'm now having lots more pages. For now I'll have to do with the bare php-links. On the other side, there is nothing to find in the graphics for search-engines, so there is not much use in adjusting these links.